Because litigation can be very expensive and time-consuming, many parties desire to explore avenues of alternative dispute resolution.  One alternative dispute resolution technique is called "mediation."  The Maryland Court of Appeals has adopted a rule that defines mediation this way: " 'Mediation' means a process in which the parties appear before an impartial mediator who, through the application of standard mediation techniques generally accepted within the professional mediation community and without providing legal advice, assists the parties in reaching their own voluntary agreement for the resolution of all or part of their dispute.  A mediator may identify issues, explore settlement alternatives, and discuss candidly with the parties or their attorneys the basis and practicality of their respective positions, but, unless the parties agree otherwise, the mediator does not engage in arbitration, neutral case evaluation, or neutral fact-finding and does not recommend the terms of an agreement."

The attorneys of Warfield Darrah can provide legal counsel to assist you in participating in the mediation process.
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